Step 1 - Preparation of the pods - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART

Clean the surface of your pods thoroughly with an alcoholic based cleaner. This removes any dirt or grease, making your graphic stick even better. Make sure cleaner has been fully removed from the pods before you move onto the next step.

Pro Tip: Using heat will rapidly evaporate most alcoholic based cleaning agents like brake cleaner.

Pro Tip: At this stage use a scalpul to remove any molding line or spurs. - The smoother the surface, the better your graphics will look, and stick!

Step 2 - Heat

Make sure the pods and graphics are at least room temperature (around 25°C). Heating the pods and graphics with a heat gun or hair dryer will help if you are in cool room or your pods and/ or graphics are cold.

Rememeber: Warm pods and graphics will be easier to fit, and will sticker much better.

Step 3 - Position

For each piece completely remove it from the backing paper, and place it on the appropriate area of the pod. It doesn't matter it you don't line it correctly first time as you can lift the vinyl up and re-apply it.

Pro Tip: If you get a crease just pull it apart and apply gentle heat (using either a heat gun or a hair dryer.) This will allow the crease to work itself out. Leave the vinyl to then cool down again for 10 to 15 seconds, and try again.

Pro Tip: Large single piece nassa panels can be difficult to position on your own, 4 hands are better than 2 for this. However, there is another way. Simple lay the graphic print side down on a work bench, then pick up the nassau panel and aim the top and bottom of the pod at the top and bottom of the graphic.

Step 4 - Apply

Once you are happy with the positioning of the sticker, apply firm pressure from the centre of the sticker outwards until you have pushed all the air out from underneath the vinyl. The best tool for the job is the Kartdavid Pro Squeegee. This will help decrease the amount of airbubbles you are getting.

If any bubbles or creases appear in the material, simply lift and re apply. If the material becomes stretched, creased or distorted, simple apply gentle heat to the area to recover it.

Remember: Do not allow the adhesive to get dirty, as this will reduce how well the graphics stick, so always apply the graphics in a clean environment, with clean hands.

Step 5 - Race

Once in position go over the sticker again using more pressure, then apply gentle heat to over the whole sticker. This will help the adhesive to really set and remove any stress in the sticker.!

Now you are ready to showcase your new kart graphics kit on the track!