Custom Sticker Kits

Custom Kits


Race Teams, Factories, Rental Karts

Highest quality kart graphics, fully customisable,
sent anywhere in the world in days.



What we can offer you.

Kartdavid can help transform your identity by giving it a strong,
stand out image, both in the paddock and on the track.

We have a world class design and production team to
transform your ideas into reality, and make you
stand out from the competition.

We can go from adding your logos to an
existing design to a complete brand new,
unique design, including logo, race truck,
awning, helmet and race suit design.
We can start from a sketch or an image you like.
Or simply just a few ideas on colour and the overall theme you wish to portray.

5 Steps to your Dream Sticker kit

 Step 1
  Call, email or even send a carrier pigeon to us with your requirements.
  You can send us images, a sketch of what you want, or even just tell us the colours    
  you want to use.

 Step 2
  After you pay the design fee of £55 + VAT, or from £5 for changes to an existing design. We create & send you an
  exciting design or two. You can make as may changes as you like before approval.
 Step 3
  Once approved (and paid for). We will print and ship your graphics within a few days.
 Step 4
  You receive your graphics, and are blown away by their sheer awesomeness.
  You can’t wait to put them on and take photos to show off to all your mates
  about how cool your kart now looks.

 Step 5
  Apply your graphics and go racing.
  Don’t worry about damaging your graphics, you don’t have to buy a full kit.
  We can do you replacement parts. How good is that?!

Worldclass Design

Create a brand identity,
making it easier for your team to be identified.

Designs have an individual and highly visual impact,
so that you stand out from the crowd,
both on track and in the paddock.

Custom design, created for your team.

Design can be tailored for each driver
(race number, name and flag and extra logos)

Premium quality, Ultra Sticky

We are the OEM, we work with Sodi and PCR as well as many of the biggest teams in Europe.

Excellent Coverage

we have redesigned many of our templates, to give you an easier time applying the kits. And a better coverage.

Ultra Thick and Durable   

like original Tony Kart kits. 

Hours of on track testing have taken place. To ensure your graphics can go the distance 

Our graphics kits now feature a new glue. That is stickier than before.    
The clear gloss over laminate is lighter, and more flexible. Yet is more durable.


Look even after this massive shunt, the graphics are in near perfect condition, now they we just need to push the nosecone back into shape.  


Incredible Long lasting Colour Depth

New printing processes, means deeper, more vivid colours.

UV filters in the clear gloss over laminate ensure the colours hold up over the life of the graphics, even those tricky fluro colours.  


Fast delivery


We deliver anywhere in the world in days.

UK – next day
Europe – 2 to 3 days
Rest of the World – 3 to 5 days

Next day delivery for non-UK can be arranged.

We can also perform the impossible, sometimes.